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Upworthy breathes life into content


Now I may be a bit behind, but I have a deep fascination with Upworthy.com.

Its history is unique, and it’s reflected within the content they chose to cover. Started by experienced journalists, Upworthy is in fact a biased, left-wing account. Unlike most media outlets, they do not deny it. Its About Us page outlines its point of views as having stances for gay marriage, against child poverty, a negative view on media coverage of women and a critical stance of government ineffectiveness.

Its satirical commentary fits the audience it hopes to captivate. And though it does not declare itself as objective, they do fact-check work.

I am still uneasy on assuming with absolute certainty that Upworthy is a reliable source, but after a friend posted the video I attached via Facebook, I have no doubt in my mind that what the site is doing is effective.

This video’s message is to not let exam results affect your fate. In a “spoken-word” portrayal, one man discusses how we (students) will not use all the things we study in school in the real world, and how what is really important is an education, not a grade point average. The idea is controversial, yet narrowly focused. It is something the audience cares about. The examples he gives are easily referenced by teenagers.

The video itself is not distracting, so the audience listens closer to the lyrics. It also incorporates written text to outline and draw attention to specific points made. The coloring also appears to be chosen for a specific influence (a bold red resembling strength).

I find that if this topic were to be presented in text-form or perhaps in a slideshow, its strength would weaken. Text is generally more boring and may in fact contradict the video’s message of education reform, and slideshows do not allow a vocal presence.

Though the format of the discussion is non-traditional, the content of the poem/rap did appear accurate. Despite my own personal political beliefs, I would certainly declare this a new form of journalism.

In reference to Carl Bernstein, Upworthy is by no means afraid to make a splash.

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