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Evans’ Family – A father’s love

Evans’ Family – A father’s love

It’s said that a picture can speak a thousand words. And I guess I believe it. I’ve seen it before within professionals work. But I think most great examples are seen overseas, perhaps instances of war, of heartbreak or loss. I find it less often that photos speak to us in moments of love. Not particularly an overcoming triumph, but in moments relatable. This slideshow features Fred Evans a man who was given months to live after being diagnosed with Melanoma following a double lung transplant. It does an amazing job of telling a moment of his story on all accounts. Below I will address those that stood out most to me.


Captions. I never undermine their value beneath photographs… but what about slideshows? The words have to be carefully selective to encourage a viewer to click on the movie. This caption reads: “After learning he had just months to live, Fred wanted to surprise two of his daughters and wife with a special gift. An inspiring story of  Father’s love to his family.” I find the language delicate and not too revealing. It does not explicitly say what this gift is, making viewers want to click the movie to find out.


The text. Though we will not be working with text in our slideshows, the perfect amount of text appears. It is easy to read, timed well with the background music and gives us enough information to pick up right where a scene leaves off – in the church aisle.


The photos. They capture emotion. The photographer wasn’t afraid to show us a deeper side of the characters. There is variety between black and white photos, and while I cannot figure why the photographer chose to do some some way and others another, the attention to detail is complimented by each. The transitions are fluid as well. It acts as a story would, from beginning to end. The shots vary in depth of field and perspective as well.


The audio. Though it is said that natural sound catches the ears of listeners, this piece worked perfectly with the music. The photos were timed to the lyrics and its tone fit the message of the story. I think natural sound would have interfered with the story the photographs were telling. It called for further attention to detail. That sometimes its not the things we say that have the biggest impact on our lives, but the things we do.

The combination of emotion and careful placement of photos and music allow for a remarkable story to be told. It picked at a detail of Frank Evans’ story and told it in a way that made viewers focus on a message and the sights before them.

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