First Instagram Ad will be Michael Kors

First Instagram Ad will be Michael Kors

The caption:  “5:15 PM: Pampered in Paris #MKTimeless”

When news broke that Instagram would begin accepting paid advertising, many users were outraged. The media platform was unique due to the fact that its forums were able to transform the average photo taker to a self-proclaimed artist.

The company promised that ads were not going to be too intrusive. But c’mon, who would believe that? Throughout history ads had to become more colorful, more bold, more graphic to outshine competition.

But, the question is, how does a marketing department shift the norm and create non “intrusive pop-ups but rather “beautiful, high-quality photos and videos?”

After reading this piece presented by the Huffington Post, I am pleased to announce that Instagram kept its word. The first ad, sponsored by Micheal Kors, features a gold watch, classically-styled, outlined in diamonds. Its background is equally as colorful, but not the overwhelming boldness we, consumers, are used to. Using a slight blur, we see golden china and pastel pastries. Just enough focus is given to the object, and product at task.

In all honesty, the ad looks nothing like its selling a product. More an artsy attempt at displaying a gift. This changes consumer thinking. It captivates the eye longer without text displayed across the screen. And though the image does look perfect, its setting is much more natural.

The caption, listed above, also does not come off as demanding. No catchy lines are used, it’s simple and includes a message/brand name is a hashtag. This is useful in my opinion, on a marketing front, since images with the same hashtag can be grouped together. Instagram users can search for hashtags and see photos tagged with the same content.

Mobile is becoming the dominate news information choice. Companies are changing their philosophy.

According to the article, people who followed Michael Kors on Instagram saw the photo as a normal Instagram post. But to other users, it comes with the label “sponsored.” In the comments section on this post, a lot of people critiqued the thought of an ad invasion, but to me, its a mode of discovery. I never would have thought to present a watch that way and it is absolutely affective.

What this article does not answer is how Instagram will decide what ads you will see. If it will be geared toward things you like, tracking your interest. Perhaps then attitudes will shift.

Time will tell.

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