Seeing Red3

Seeing Red3

This was the hard one to submit. As a photojournalist I know we need to take as many photos as we can (with different angles, lighting settings and perspectives). And this offered all of that. The angle was one closer to ground level; it was a bit of detail on a large scale firetruck, and it works with a tighter focus to cast light on the red/main object at hand.

Do I think its interesting? Yes. And of good quality? Sure. But I selected this photo as my third option because of the classroom requirements that it fulfills. There are an abundance of, in my opinion, more interesting shots, but where red is not the dominant color in the photo.

This last shot is a expression of getting a picture that your client wants. If hired for a campaign or advertising commercial I cannot turn in submissions based on what I find to be visually pleasing, but instead of images that match what was requested of me.

I have uploaded the photo I debated replacing this with in the next post. Check it out / Open for commentary.


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