Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Ah, a post written through multiple captions. How fitting. This past week I worked on my first photography assignment in what seemed like ages. Titled “Seeing Red,” it aimed to teach us the basic rules of photography all the while encouraging creativity. Though I was confident in my ability to produce quality photos, I couldn’t help but be frustrated by the color restriction. I wasn’t gravitated toward the obvious examples: a stop sign and a fire hydrant, and I knew to look elsewhere when I came across art and signs but there didn’t seem to be enough opportunity for quality picture-taking.

They tell reporters not to have a complete vision of a story before they go into an interview, but to have done their research. Well, turns out the same is true of photographers. I went downtown around 5 p.m. one night in search of red, and while I tried to look for detail and “nothing-obvious” to the eye, I grew frustrated. Before long I decided I would venture out to St. Louis and take advantage of the Cardinals pride I would find there. This project taught me to not only anticipate good photo opportunities, but to learn to wait for them to come to you. As seen in the example posted above.

—– Photo 1: I arrived at my friend’s home to find his mother cooking. The family had a huge dinner planned in celebration of a brother’s return from a tour in Afghanistan.

What I like about this photo: The steam and the fire. It provides action to a rather simple image. There is also a lot of shading/lightness variation on the pot itself and the dish behind it helps carry the eye across the image.


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